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Welcome to the home port for Freelance Author Grant Madden.

Grant is a feature writer for the Eugene Daily News, and the San Diego Reader.

When not working the pen,  Grant and his Labrador Murphy enjoy geocaching in the mountains,  and the occasional Jack Burger at the end of a days hike.

Latest News

November 2013
National Novel Writing Month Winner

February 2013
San Diego Reader Cover

November 2011
Feature Writer
Eugene Daily News

January 2010
The Alpine Sun

March 2009
San Diego Reader News Stringer.

Publishing Links

American Pioneer
The bloggings of an Australian marooned in the U.S.A.

Eugene Daily News
Oregon's finest daily online news.

San Diego Reader
Alternative press magazine.

Deep Six
The creation of an online naval warfare game.

Essential Reading

Stay informed by reading what is important.

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The war being waged against fathers.

The numbers you may not know of.

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