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Welcome to the home port for Freelance Author Grant Madden.

Grant is a feature writer for who's stories and articles have appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Cat Sailor, Sailing, and the San Diego Reader.

When not writing,  Grant is employed in securing the critical infrastructure of the USA and lecturing in counter terrorism.

On June 26 2014,  the service provider which hosted a body of art belonging to Grant, closed.  None of files in that body of work were able to be salvaged. A text copy of the work exists in a cached state, but the published on line work from July 2007 - June 2014, has been lost.

A new blog has been created from 26 June 2014.

Latest News

August 2018
Feature Story
San Diego Reader

November 2016
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Angels and Miracles

July 2016
Geocaching GPS: Stories of Geocaching First

June 2016
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Spirit of America

September 2015
Navyfield 2 Review

February 2013
San Diego Reader Cover

November 2011
Feature Writer
Eugene Daily News

January 2010
The Alpine Sun

March 2009
San Diego Reader News Stringer.

Publishing Links

American Pioneer
The bloggings of an Australian marooned in the U.S.A.

San Diego Reader
Alternative press magazine.

Essential Reading

Stay informed by reading what is important.

Dads And Things
The war being waged against fathers.

An article on the cost of illegal immigration.

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